Lesson 2 - What it Means to be a Mandated Reporter

This lesson will describe the details of filing a report. It will also discuss the penalties for failing to report and the safeguards in place to protect mandated reporters.

At the end of this lesson you should be able to

  1. Understand who must report
  2. Describe how, when, and to whom a report must be filed
  3. Understand that if you work in a licensed child care facility you must always file two separate reports (on the same event): one with the protective services agency and one with the licensing agency.
  4. Understand your rights to confidentiality and immunity as a mandated reporter
  5. Understand consequences of failing to report

Though everyone should report child abuse, a number of professionals must report abuse or be held liable by law. These individuals, called mandated reporters, are primarily people who have contact with children through their employment and are listed in California Penal Code 11165.7. The list is extensive and continues to grow.

Note: Volunteers (with the exception of Court Appointed Special Advocates) of public or private organizations are not mandated reporters, but are encouraged to report concerns of abuse or neglect.

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