Lesson 3 - Legal and Ethical Issues

When deciding whether or not you have “reasonable suspicion”, it is important to remember that verbal disclosures of abuse should always be reported. When suspicions arise based on behavioral concerns or other more subtle cues, child care providers are ethically obligated to explore their concerns in order to determine whether a report must be made. However, it is important that child care providers work within the scope of their training and expertise. Investigating concerns of abuse (for example, conducting interviews or physical examinations), making judgments about the validity of a disclosure, and evaluating the safety of the child are best left to the investigative agencies.

Documentation is an important tool for child care providers. Written records of observations made while caring for a child are used to inform parents of the child’s routines and experiences while in care. If the provider notices changes in the child’s behavior, a review of the records may be helpful in tracking the changes as well as establishing possible causes. You may also decide to contact a child’s parent to discuss your concerns.

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